​​​The old saying "you get what you pay for" is true.  Hot Tub Manufacturer, dealership, and service are over looked when pricing Hot Tubs. Prisco Spas and Pools have Hot Tubs between $1995-$15,000. No matter what Hot Tub you choose you will have customer Support and service from a Quality  Manufacturer and Dealership.

Hot Tub Pricing

​​ I want a six person ? four person? Seating can be very misleading. Prisco Spas displays over 25 Hot Tubs to see all the seating layouts.  Here are some pointers. A spa with no lounge or  a large foot  will hold more people.  It is the difference sitting in comfort or on top of each other. Hot Tubs with more contour takes up more space, seating less people

Hot Tub Seating

​​ A Hot Spring exclusive water care system. The ACE salt water sanitizing system utilizes the same salt water technology that many pool owners have come to love.  The ACE system generates chlorine automatically, eliminating the need for daily and/or weekly addition of sanitizer.

Ace Salt Water Care System

Hot Tub Filtration

​​​ If a Hot Tub has a small circulation pump that runs 24/7, has a large filter for water to pass through, along with a ozone or salt sanitizing system, maintenance is going to be easy.  If the water is not moving,  have a small filter area , no ozone or salt system, there will be more maintenance. 

Hot Tub Insulation

​​​ Insulation of your Hot Tub provides low operating costs.  Many companies are cutting costs like using a foil wrap, air trapping etc. The reality is if a Hot Tub does not have insulation it is not energy efficient.  A properly insulated Hot Tub saves money on heating costs, and it helps the equipment operate less.

​​​ One of the most confusing subjects when looking at different Hot Tubs.  Quantity of jets and horsepower do not mean a thing!

Types of jets, placement of jets, control of jets and jet systems are much more important. Prisco Spas has many working models on display for customer to see for themselves or come in for a test soak.  

Hot Tub Jets

Hot Tub Service

​​When you purchase a Hot Tub online or from a small company , you are  going to get no service support or you will deal with a subcontractor.  Prisco Spas is a complete service center for over 30 years .

Where you buy your spa is just as important as what spa you buy!


Hot Tub Dealership

​​ Many Hot Tub Dealerships  display 2-5 Hot tubs.  Many places say they have the best Hot Tub.  When a place has a small display it usually means they are not a very big Hot Tub Dealership.  Prisco Spas and Pools has the largest Hot Tub  showroom in the Tri State Area.  Prisco Spas and Pools display over 25 Hot Tubs and have over 5000 Happy Customers.

​​There are over 50 Hot Tub Companies in the world, but there are only a handful that have a world wide dealer networks. Hot Spring Spas Has over 900 Dealers and over one million hot tubs installed around the world. Hot Spring Spas is known for world class customer service.

Hot Tub Manufacturer

Shopping for a Hot Tub